Moving Van Terms and conditions

Moving Van Terms & Conditions


  • These conditions explain your rights, obligations, and responsibilities and those of  the Removal Contractor for removal services. Where these conditions use the word ‘you’ or ‘your’ it means you as the removal customer, The Removal means Moving Van. By accepting our quotation you agree to be bond to these Terms and conditions.


  • When agreed an hourly rate there is a 2 hour minimum charge on all jobs. After the first 2 hours, we charge half hour modules until completion. 
  • Arrival time on any job is estimated. We always do our best to be on time, but there might be delays caused by circumstances out of our control.       ( e.g. weather, traffic... ) We do not accept responsibility for any customer loses due to out of our control pick-up/delivery delays.
  • All payments must be made in cash or cheques upon job completion. Any other type of payment must be agreed on and made prior the removal work start.
  • We will make a note and make you aware of any damaged/scratched items before moving it. We do not accept responsibility for damaged or lost property after job and payment are completed.
  • All goods in transit are insured for £17,500. Any claim which exceeds this amount is non-refundable.
  • Our insurance covers items in transit only. It will not cover any damage which happens inside a property. If you need any further cover for moving, contact your insurance company and get appropriate insurance cover.
  • Parking for the vehicle closest to loading and delivery points is very important and it’s customer’s responsibility to provide it, please reserve space for the van outside the property before our arrival, parking suspensions and permits can be arranged with local authorities at both ends. We will always do everything possible within the law to prevent a parking penalty happening but if a  charge is incurred in order to carry out your removal we will request immediate payment of it to the driver. 

  • Unless we have agreed to do the packing for you, it's the customers responsibility to pack everything properly. We do not accept responsibility for damage or breakage caused by poor packing.
  • Unless otherwise agreed it's the customers responsibility to dismantle any furniture  which needs so in order to be safely transported.
  • It's the customers responsibility to make sure that all items will fit in the new premises. (e.g. wardrobe, bed, sofa etc.) We are not insured for removing any doors or making new entrances to the premise if any delay is caused by the customer ( e.g. everything is not packed, waiting for keys, incorrect address, etc. ) we reserve the right to add an extra cost to the final bill.


Privacy Policy


Any personal details, which you provide us with, will only be used for the purpose of your move and will not be shared with any third parties.