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White Newspaper offcuts

This white paper has a wide range of uses from wrapping glassware and crockery to filling voids in packages. Packing paper is a cost effective way to wrap bottles, glassware, ornaments and crockery and is ideal to provide surface protection to fragile goods during transit.

Widely used by the removal industry packing paper is a flexible, clean and dust free packing material. Loosely compressed bundles of packaging paper are often used as a cheap void filler in packing rooms. 

Available in packs of  2,5 or 5 kg  individually wrapped in polythene. 


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White Wrapping Paper x 2.5 Kg

White Wrapping Paper x 2.5 Kg - £11.00

Packing paper ideal to wrap China, glass, fragile items pack 2.5kg

:  at  £11.00  each

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White Wrapping Paper x 5 Kg

White Wrapping Paper x 5 Kg - £20.50

Packing paper, China, glass pack 5 kg

:  at  £20.50  each

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